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SRZ Series

The SRZ Series is a lineup consisting 12 models with LEDs mounted perpendicularly on a line-shaped board which are arranged in a ring facing horizontally. Ideal for setups with space constraints due to its thin casing, this illumination series are generally placed extremely close to imaging sample and available in red, green, blue and white.

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Product Line up
Series Part Number Color Wavelength/
Color Temp.
Max. Power
Connector 2D Drawing (PDF Format) 2D Drawing (DXF Format) 3D File
(Step File)
Specification Sheet
SRZ-75x SRZ-75R Red 630nm 0.17A SM
SRZ-75G Green 525nm
SRZ-75B Blue 470nm
SRZ-75W White 5500K
SRZ-90x SRZ-90R Red 630nm 3.1W SM
SRZ-90G Green 525nm
SRZ-90B Blue 470nm
SRZ-90W White 5500K
SRZ-138x SRZ-138R Red 630nm 5.1W SM
SRZ-138G Green 525nm
SRZ-138B Blue 470nm
SRZ-138W White 5500K