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Customized lighting units are part of CCS Asia’s value-added services to ensure that our clients will not be limited to options offered by our standard models. Customized IP (Ingress Protection) lighting such as these can be utilized in high humidity environments or can be in contact with water splashes without degrading their quality.

Attain sharp and CRYSTAL CLEAR IMAGES for inspections on high-speed systems with our PF Series lighting! Image blur can be eliminated and quality of vision inspection improved. PF Series Product and Technical specification: Email us today at [email protected] to request for demo units or technical consultation.

No. 1 – Basler Camera Light Series This series of lighting was developed as a collaborative effort between our parent company, CCS Inc. and leading industrial camera manufacturer, Basler AG. Compatible with Basler ace U and ace L camera models, it allows set up a vision system to be done conveniently by simply connecting any […]

What is infrared Light? Infrared light (IR) or wave is an electromagnetic radiation which has a longer wavelength than visible light, therefore it is goes undetectable by our human eye. Despite being invisible to us, it can be found in our daily lives – electric heater, cookers, remote control, surveillance and many others.

CCS Asia would like to wish everyone a Happy National Day! Due to this holiday, our office will be closed this coming Monday, 9 August 2021.

Automation Solutions are used in various sectors of work to increase productivity. This is crucial, especially in unprecedented times right now. Join us for our 2 part series webinars, “Machine Vision in Automation” & “Robotics in Automation” happening on 16 June and 18 June respectively, where our speaker will share about the benefits of Automation. […]

You’re invited to join us at our very first WEBINAR! (pssst…By the way, it’s FREE) Grab this opportunity to learn everything about Machine Vision lighting from our very own lighting expert.

Definition of Machine Vision In layman’s terms, “Machine Vision” refers to an imaging aspect of a conventional integrated machine system with built-in components comprising of camera, lighting, lens, vision computer and image-processing software. It is recognized as a form of industrial automation which is widely used in many industries – semiconductor, electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical, logistics […]

GONG XI FA CAI to all our valued clients and wishing you be filled with prosperity, joy and success in this brand new year!