CCS Asia Pte Ltd.
CCS Asia Pte Ltd.

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CCS Asia Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of CCS Inc. Japan, is an established Machine Vision technology agency. Our company manufactures Industrial LED lighting suitable for industries such as Semiconductor, Medical, Logistics and Manufacturing. We are experienced in working with many system integrators and machine makers to provide innovative solutions for many vision-related applications. To aid our customers in finding the ideal solution, we are always with new partners to try out new equipment and technologies.

Company Mission

Our mission is to deliver “Make it Visible” through lighting solution. For factory automation, machine vision is practically used to control product quality. To keep good quality by avoiding any leaking of defective products, the key point is “Make defect visible”. If the camera cannot see, it is not possible to detect through Machine Vision. To keep your product quality, we do our best to propose best vision components setup for you.

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