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Natural Light LED
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What is a Natural Light LED?

This is lighting that provides light from all sorts of wavelengths in the visible light spectrum, which is like sunlight for areas that require high-quality light.

Natural light LED also allows for ultra-high color rendering with a general colour rendering index of Ra98, which is the highest level of LED in the lighting industry.

According to research, LEDs can mimic the intensity and the hue of natural sunlight as the components of LEDs allow fine adjustments for brightness, colour and intensity.

It can be applied in many industries and fields such as medical instruments, art exhibitions and museums and for farming as well.

Our Product

CCS Asia offers a range of natural light LEDs for various applications. We provide lighting for commercial use, agri-bio, medical as well as art exhibits and museums.

For agri-bio lighting, we offer 2 series which are the IS-mini as well as the IS-mini (High type) series with a total of 12 models.

For art exhibitions and museums, there are 2 types of illumination specifically meant for these purposes. The natural light LED museum COB spotlight that produces light that is high quality and smooth with no colour unevenness, and also the high colour rendering LED museum COB spotlight which is capable of achieving high colour rendering with high output demanded of products designed for museums.

As for commercial and medical usages, CCS provides lighting designs so as to clearly reproduce the natural colours of an object as well as to suit the optical systems of medical instruments. We provide custom orders for light sources so as to allow for greater and more accurate judgements.

If you have any enquiries, please reach out to us at [email protected] if you require any technical assistance. Do send in samples for us to test and evaluate.