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Line Light Applications
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What are line lights?

Line lights are typically used for inspecting a specific area of a workpiece line by line, especially on relatively large objects when the camera is unable to focus on that specific area.

The Market

Many of these applications include inspection for damage on glass surfaces, visual inspection of circuit boards mounted with electronic parts as well as vertical wrinkles on paper labels.

According to research, the CAGR of the industrial lighting market will grow at around 5% in the next 4-5 years. Increased demand for energy-efficient lighting systems throughout various industries is one of the driving points for the market.

As many industries face challenges such as maintenance costs due to heat losses of the traditional lighting fixtures in commercial and industrial settings, as well as many companies promoting the usage of LED lighting in industrial locations, demand for LED lighting has heavily surged. Furthermore, LEDs can be long-lasting, have low maintenance cost, produce no harmful UV or IR light and are able to deliver a short ROI that can drive the industrial lighting market.

Many government sectors and public organizations globally are pushing towards the usage of LED lighting to replace traditional lighting due to their maintenance issues, such as the bulbs and high-pressure sodium being easily compounded due to surrounding reactive gases. They also lack the ability to provide operational solutions against corrosion and vapour resistance compared to LED lighting.

Our Products

Diffused Lighting

This lighting can achieve high luminance as well as uniformity.

We provide 6 different series of diffused line lights with a total of 336 models. Applications include the inspection of solder resist on circuit boards, foreign material inspection on clear films and scratches and dent inspections on motor shafts.

Convergent Lighting

Achieves high illuminance as well as optimum light unit shape for inspection site usage.

We provide 7 different series of convergent line lights with a total of 57 models. Applications include metal sheet inspections, film circuit boards inspections as well as medical equipment inspection.

Oblique Angled Lighting

Able to achieve angled illumination as well as detect bumps and subtle wrinkles.

Our oblique angled line lights offer 4 different series with a total of 63 different models. Applications include inspections for vertical wrinkles in paper labels, inspections of scratches on transparent films as well as glass plates.

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