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Maintenance-free Machine Vision Lighting
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Many manufacturing hubs and production plants across the globe have been halted or disrupted by the unexpected emergence of COVID-19 pandemic. The necessity to maintain safe distancing among workers or forced shutdown of plants to curb the spread of the virus has slowed down production rate and saw a decrease in output. As a result, the manpower crunch has led to companies being heavily impacted in terms of economically because goods were unable to be produced and delivered to customer timely.

From this pandemic, we have learnt the importance of striking a balance between human and automated labour. It is understood generally that automated system solution has contributed significantly to increased productivity and shortened lead time. Having said that, the quality of the end-product has to passed through stringent quality control procedures before winding up in the mass market. As such, machine vision which is one the many aspects of quality control play an important role to ensure that.

The quality of the machine vision itself has always been overlooked. It is undeniable that electrical components degrade over time and preventive maintenance are imperative. The same goes for machine vision components such as LED lighting, brightness drops over a prolonged period of usage. This reduction in brightness will invariably affect the results of quality control as its reliability has been undermined. On top of that, with the pandemic happening concurrently, the shortage of manpower to make the necessary adjustments may delay the quality control processes indefinitely.

Nevertheless, there is a solution for every problem. In order to minimize the impact of decreasing brightness, we have come up with CCS FASTUS LED lighting series to counter this issue exclusively. The series of sensing lighting has built-in photodiodes to monitor and maintain brightness automatically over long periods through detection of temperature and brightness of the lighting itself. This is done by the temperature compensation circuit which makes up for the fluctuation of light brightness when there are changes in the lighting itself or ambient temperature. Hence, the maintenance cost and labour workload can be minimized.

Last but not least, we ought not to forget about our very own PFBR-600 Series, despite having the capability to emit ultra-bright illumination, the bulb can last for a very long time and does not require replacement often. This feature brings about many conveniences to manufacturing which cannot afford downtime and reduces delay brought on by maintenance.

If you would like to find out more about these maintenance-free lighting, kindly email us at [email protected] and we will be more than willing to share with you.