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The Power of Infrared Light
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General Introduction

SWIR is defined as short-wave infrared light with a wavelength of approximately between 400nm and 3000nm (nanometers) which are implemented for optical as well in electronic devices or components. SWIR lighting allows for images to be seen in high resolution that visible light will not be able to reflect, basically seeing beyond the visible.

Applications of SWIR include detection of bruising on the surface of a fruit, inspection of an electronic board, seeing through a thick cloud of smoke as well as detecting counterfeit money.

The Market

Research has shown that the global SWIR market is expected to expand tremendously within the next few years, sparked by a rising demand in multispectral imaging systems for machine vision applications in quality and process control, as well as the increasing penetration in the military surveillance for SWIR cameras.

The global SWIR market can be segmented into the scanning (area/line), type, industry and detector type (cooled/uncooled) as well as region. In terms of region, the APAC as well as the North America region is expected to be dominating the SWIR market due to the industrial, commercial and national security purposes as well as high industrial growth and infrastructure developments.

Our Products

At CCS Asia, we strive to be a one-stop machine vision provider for our clients to ensure efficient and quality inspections. Having said that, we carry a series of IR and SWIR lighting as well as IR camera to support applications such as defect identification in items and products through high resolution imaging.

Our standard IR lighting models come in wavelengths of 850nm, 860nm, 940nm and 950nm. For applications which require higher wavelengths, we offer 6 specific IR wavelength ranging from 1050nm to 1650nm.

Apart from these, we are able to provide SWIR / Hyperspectral Imaging Light with wavelength near 2500nm which are custom orders upon request.

Lighting are available in various shapes and sizes according to customer preferences and propose SWIR cameras, infrared compatible lenses and also wavelength filters.

Feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] for more information. You may visit us at our office and send in samples if you would like us to test and evaluate them.