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General Applications of Photoelectric Sensors
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General Introduction

Photoelectric sensors are devices which consist of a light transmitter that includes an emitter as well as a receiver to detect the presence, absence as well as to measure distance of an object. Its applications consist of various industries such as machineries, automation and food and beverage. Furthermore, there are different types of photoelectric sensors, such as the through-beam, retroreflective and the diffused type which can be utilized in a variety of ways.

The through-beam sensor is made up of two separate devices where one will be the emitter while the other will be the receiver which forms a light beam connecting both devices. Through-beam sensors will be able to detect any object the breaks the light beam between them

Retroreflective sensors are made up of a single device that consists of both the emitter as well as the receiver. Using a reflector, light emitted from the sensor is expected to be the same reflected back to the receiver. Any changes in the amount of light reflected back is a sign that an object is interrupting the light beam between emitter and receiver.

Similarly, diffused sensors also work as a single device. The difference is that the sensor detects an object when the light emitted is reflected to the sensor by the object itself.

The Market

With the recent trend towards industrial automation to boost productivity in various industries, the demand for sensors is also expected to be on the rise especially in manufacturing companies where packing and inspections take place. There has been an increase in the usage of the Internet of things among the manufacturing industries and many government policies have been implemented to promote those usages.

CCS Asia Pte Ltd.

According to research, the market growth of photoelectric sensors is expected to increase at a CAGR of around 7% in the next 5 to 6 years. In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, demand in photoelectric sensors has declined as manufacturing companies ceased operations as well as lockdowns occurring globally to reduce the spread of the virus.

As the world slowly recovers from the pandemic, manufacturing companies slowly resumes their operations and the demand for the sensors slowly gets back on track. In fact, there has been a huge demand in the food and beverage as well as the pharmaceutical industry recently as they are slowly adapting to the usage of sensor technology to boost their production level and meet consumer needs.

CCS Asia Pte Ltd.

Our Product

As a leading LED lighting manufacturing company, we provide one of the best lightings for other manufacturing industries for countries in Southeast-Asia as well as India and Oceania to ensure smooth and quality inspection and automation processes. Our company also provides machine vision solutions from selling components to a whole unit consisting of different components to our customers. Lighting customizations and component testing are also available.

Additionally, we also distribute other products from our affiliated companies, such as photoelectric sensors from our parent company, Optex FA. We provide various types of affordable and efficient photoelectric sensors such as the amplifier build-in type, fiber sensor, laser sensor, transparent-object detection sensor, color mark sensor and lastly a BGS distance setting sensor.

Amplifier Built-in Type

Our amplifier built-in type sensor consists of 13 different types with various features ranging from IO supported sensors, coaxial retro-reflective sensors to small sized sensors and universal voltage sensors. Applicable to situations such as counting boxes through a process, detection of glossy products or even detecting palletizing plastic bottles.

Fiber Sensors

Our fiber sensors consist of fiber units, fiber amplifiers and communication units. The fiber units have 19 different types with various shapes and sizes as well as features such as square, thread and cylindrical shaped sensors which are heat and chemical resistant as well as flexibility.

For fiber amplifiers, we have 6 different types ranging from a basic digital amplifier to potentiometer fiber amplifier, with features like white LED and high-speed amplifiers. Lastly, we have 4 different communication units with features like IO-link, CC-link and EtherCAT.

Laser Sensor

We have 2 laser sensors which are the standard-sized amplifier built-in sensor followed by the digital amplifier separate sensor. The latter includes a coaxial diffuse and width measurement with a separate digital amplifier with 2 control and analog outputs.

BGS Distance Setting Sensor

Our BGS sensors which focus on distance measurement consist of 12 different types also with various features ranging from small BGS sensors, stainless steel sensors to LED sensors and cylindrical distance setting sensors.

Transparent-object Detection Sensor

For this we have 3 different models ranging from a standard-sized LED sensor that includes a coaxial optical system, a laser sensor with display which is a high-performance laser sensor with easy setting on digital display, and a SUS protector and small LED sensor which are our long-term-seller sensors with a wide range of sensing distances and small sizes.

Colour Mark Sensor

We offer 2 colour mark sensors which are the DM series which has an easy setup of multiple detection on memory banks with red, green and blue LED lights. The D3WF series is very good for contrast detection of colour marks, suitable for detecting barcodes as well as spotting the wrong object colour during processing.

If you have any enquiries you would like to ask us, do drop us an email at [email protected]. You may send in your samples to us for an evaluation should you require our technical advice.