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All about Infrared Lighting
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What is infrared Light?

Infrared light (IR) or wave is an electromagnetic radiation which has a longer wavelength than visible light, therefore it is goes undetectable by our human eye. Despite being invisible to us, it can be found in our daily lives – electric heater, cookers, remote control, surveillance and many others.

Infrared Lighting in Machine Vision

Having a longer wavelength than visible light, infrared light has high transmittance and low scattering rate. Thus, with this nature, it has the ability to penetrate into materials such as plastic, glass and paper allowing us to identify defects which are invisible under lights with shorter wavelength.

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Applications of Infrared Light

In terms of applications, the infrared light has the versatility for inspections of both surface and inner content. The first characteristic is its ability to penetrate through liquid can be utilized to detect foreign materials in liquid bottles.

Secondly, infrared lights are employed on vision systems to inspect packaging surfaces in manufacturing plants, of which they cancel out unnecessary prints and characters for the camera to detect packaging defects such as improper sealing. As infrared rays are not detected by standard machine vision cameras, it is required to use a near-infrared CCD camera on applications with infrared light.

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Infrared Lights Product Lineup

We offer an extensive selection of standard infrared lights with wavelength ranging from 850-nm to 950-nm. Above this, we have infrared lights that are over 1000-nm such as our hyperspectral imaging lighting series. In response to an increased demand for infrared lights, our team has developed the newly launch SBL IR series.

For more information, you may visit this link for our complete range of standard infrared lights: If you would like to request for demo units, please email us at [email protected] and our sales representative will arrange them to you.

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