Wrap-up for MSE 2017

This is the first time CCS Asia has participated in an exhibition held in Singapore, and we're thankful for the positive outcome from MSE 2017 (Manufacturing Solution Expo 2017). During the three-day event, we've received many; visitors from both Singapore and across the region at our booth.



Denso's robotic arm shown at Machine Vision showcase allows us to go beyond the conventional 2-dimensional machine vision applications. As featured during the showcase, it is able to extend the camera and our TH2-CR lighting to capture 6 different points on both sides of a PCB. Imagine how much hassle can be saved from the fusion of vision and robotics in the automation systems!

Once again, we can't help but to emphasize on the capability of our PF series lighting. When it comes to high speed application, you will not be disappointed by this choice of lighting. You can even rest assured that quality images can still be generated when there's an increase in speed; it is built to overcome further acceleration. Following to Ring Light, Bar Light and Coaxial Light, Now Dome Light and Diffused Ring Light come available in the PF series!


Now, you can choose the easy way out by choosing CCS FASTUS series; they can take the load off you in maintaining your machine vision system. This series helps you to monitor the brightness of your lighting 24/7 and adjust the brightness by itself when the brightness is deteriorated over the time. 

Some defects can be easily overlooked when conventional lightings are used; computational lightings are made exclusively for such defects. By illuminating a selected portion of the lighting, and combining the few images into one, it improves the visibility of the defects tremendously. Computational lighting will bring you a new solution for your vision applications.

MSE 2017 has drawn us closer to the manufacturing industry in Singapore and across this region, we are grateful for this opportunity to serve those who have visited us during the exhibition. If you would like to find out more about any of the above products, you are always welcome to drop us an email at for more information!