CCS Asia @ MSE 2017

Manufacturing Solutions Expo 2017 (MSE 2017) is a highly anticipated trade show of the year, from which you will
get to meet leading industry players in the manufacturing sector. It is a good stepping stone for you to discover latest technologies and innovative solutions in this lucrative industry, and keeps you up-to-date with the current
technological advancements. 

As part of the Machine Vision showcase at the exhibition, we have specially prepared a robotic application display courtesy of Denso International Asia Pte Ltd. We demonstrate the multi-surface
vision inspection applications by Denso 6-axis robot. The
combination of motion and vision will offer you new approach of
machine vision solutions in wider range of applications.

Next up, you will be able to witness how we "keep up" with high
speed of production lines by using our PF series' LED lightings,
through an illustration of a customized turntable. You would have
notice in the image on the left that our PF series' lighting can
capture a distinct image of numeric digits on a micro-electronics component as compared to the conventional over-driven LED
lighting while it runs on the spinning turntable. This is due to their
capability to emit high power and together with a shortened
exposure time, can prevent blurry images from occurring.

An alternative solution to defects unreceptive of regular
LED lighting would be our series of computational lighting. They allow selected segment of a particular light unit to
illuminate and capture several images under different
lighting conditions, then software composites images into one. The photometric stereo method will help to enhance
the fine defect on the object surface and remove the
noises on the image.

Through this exhibition, we would also like to introduce our
brand new CCS FASTUS range of LED lighting to the
market. This range of lighting specializes in sensing,
monitoring and feedbacking functions; helping you to keep
track of the LED brightness and condition by providing
consistent feedback, ensuring that minimal maintenance is

For further enquiries, you may drop us an email at or visit with
regards to information on MSE 2017. Check us out @ booth F32 during the show from 25th to 27th October 2017, at
the Singapore Expo.