Tamron: High resolution lens in a Compact Size of φ29mm

Good lenses work hand in hand with cameras to deliver quality images. Therefore, it is imperative to know the right
lens to use with for any particular camera, as this will determine the end result achieved. One highly probable mistake which may occur with camera-lens compatibility: The image circle of the lens applied is smaller than the image
sensor of camera. This will result in an effect known as “vignetting”; this can be seen clearly in the image on the left


                                  Image taken by M112FM lens                                                             Image taken by 2/3” lens

The latest Tamron M112FM series is specially designed for bigger image sensors. These lenses are compatible
with 1/1.2” image sensors, particularly SONY Pregius sensors such as IMX174, IMX249, IMX250 and IMX264,
allowing up to 5-Megapixels of high-resolution images to be captured. They come in a selection of focal length
including 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 75mm, so as to accommodate various working distances. 

Why we recommend the M112FM series:
  1. 1. Compatible with both 5.86um pixel-pitch 1/1.2” imagers and 3.45um pixel-pitch 2/3” imagers to provide a
  2. resolving power of 2-Megapixel and 5-Megapixel respectively;
  1. 2. Comes in high resolution and contrast ideal for machine vision applications, ensuring every detail are captured on the camera;
  1. 3. Made in Japan with highest quality assured;
  1. 4. Fast delivery guaranteed as ex-stock is readily available off-the-shelf.

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