High Power Strobe LED Light PF Series

Production lines in the manufacturing industry are facing the demand to speed up their manufacturing processes to increase their output; leading to a higher chance of blurry images which results in lower production yield. Speed and quality imaging is always contradicting and the challenge of machine vision is here to arise.

The CCS High Power Strobe LED Light PF Series is specially designed for this purpose in fast moving production line, which can eliminate blurry images altogether to provide high quality images required for visual inspection. 


You can find our PF Series lighting across many industries:

How does the PF series work?
Unlike conventional lightings, the PF Series can produce high output in very short time. The controller applies 48V at maximum to achieve such extreme brightness instantaneously.  

What is the advantage?

1. To freeze the image by using the flash as a camera shutter.

2. To eliminate the horizontal blur when the object is flying.

3. To eliminate the vertical blur with smaller aperture and deeper DOF.

Which controller is needed?

PF Series offers two types of controllers, with 4CH and 2CH selections. The lighting delay time is adjustable in 0.1us accuracy.

What is the product range?

PF series have been enhancing its product line ups including Ring light, Bar light and Coaxial light. Recently, Dome light (HPD-PF) and Diffused Ring Light (HPR-PF) have joined in the PF Series.

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