NEPCON Thailand 2017

It was an overwhelming success for us at NEPCON Thailand 2017; we have expected a huge turn-out during the
show and would like to thank everyone for your kind support! We hope we had given you a better understanding of
our products through this exhibition, and it has served well as platform for us to find out more about your application

Here are the highlights at our booth during the show:

Supported by: Hikichi Seiko (Thailand) CO., LTD
                            Denso Sales (Thailand) CO., LTD
In collaboration with system integrator Hikichi Seiko (Thailand) and Denso Sales (Thailand), we are proud to present you the multi-angle vision and robotic application. As demonstrated in the video above, you can see that the robotic arm allows images to be taken from different sides without flipping the workpiece. Both the LED lighting and camera are mounted on the arm itself. We believe the integration of vision and robotics will be the next trend of the market.
CCS will corporate with our partners and provide the total solution to you!


By using the turntable, we were able to illustrate the
advantage of using our High Power Strobe Light
PF series when it comes to high speed inspection
applications. At the current moving speed of the turntable, it would be difficult to capture a clear image of the flying
object such as microelectronics components.  This issue
can be addressed with PF series’ ability to emit high
power light instantaneously to freeze the image. PF series are enhancing the product lineup to ring light, bar light,
coaxial light and dome light


The versatility of the TH2 series makes it a popular choice among many production lines. It can be applied over workpieces regardless of its size, and depending on your requirements, you can choose to mount them on
top, side or below the production line which makes it easier for you to
integrate them into your wide variety of applications.

Other than providing lighting solutions for machine vision, we do supply UV irradiator for UV curing application as
well. We support wide range of UV cure products such as pen-type, area-curing type and line-curing type, which can help you to conserve energy, yet sustain a long service life with low maintenance required. We also offer customized UV curing solution for your specific needs.

We have showcased various kinds of lenses at the exhibition
from Tamron and Optart, including the latest Tamron M112 series designed for 1/1.2” sensors. We have full set of lenses at our
testing lab too, so that we can offer complete optical system

Moving forward, we hope to see you at the upcoming Manufacturing
Solutions Expo (MSE) 2017
to be held at Singapore EXPO from
25th to 27th October 2017. We’ll keep you posted on more information
as the dates draw near.