See you at NEPCON THAILAND 2017!

We are participating in NEPCON Thailand 2017 exhibition, where over 350 international brands from 22 countries, comprising manufacturers and distributors in the electronic manufacturing industry will be coming together. This
year, it will be held at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) from 21st to 24th June 2017. Before
that, let us give you some heads up on the products we’ll be displaying at our booth:

By integrating LED lighting with robotics, we are able to eliminate the hassle of
rotating workpieces onto different sides when doing multi-angle surface
inspection. This will not only reduce time but also minimize work required to rotate the workpiece around, which in turn increases overall productivity level. We’ll be
showcasing an actual robotic application set live at the exhibition.   

Blurry images can be avoided with High Power Strobe Light PF
series’ shortened exposure time and high power emission that
enables instantaneous imaging. They are effective at high speed
inspection system. You no longer compromise the speed for
quality image. We have added Dome light HPD and Diffused ring light HPR models to our PF series, to meet the demand for a
wider range of applications. 

TH2 series lightings can be applied in various production lines: Inspection of liquid surface level in bottles, faults in
acrylic plates, appearance of wafers as well as reading engraved text on metal components. Depending on your
requirements, we offer 5 types of flat light which comes in different sizes available for you to choose from namely high luminance, high-directivity (TH2-PM), large, rectangular and camera-window (TH2-CR).

We will showcase our new solution for UV curing
applications including area curing and spot curing.
Newly introduced high power UV LEDs enable to
replace the conventional UV bulbs for energy saving,
long life and easy maintenance. 

Besides various lighting series, we’ll also be bringing you a
selection of lenses under Tamron during the exhibition. You will get
to see wide range of products, including the latest M112 series
designed for 1/1.2” sensors that meets the growing demand in the
recent market.

We hope the above has given you a better picture on what to expect at this upcoming exhibition, please do come
and visit us at Booth 8C11, Hall 98 at BITEC. For more information, please visit: