New TH2 Flat Light series

TH2 Flat Light series are widely used in many production lines: Inspection of liquid surface level in
bottles, measurement of electronic component dimensions, appearance check of wafers as well as
reading engraved text on metal components. Depending on your requirements, we offer 5 types of
flat light which comes in different sizes and colors available for you to choose from.

With an increased brightness
compared to their TH predecessor,
high luminance flat lights suit even faster speed inspection applications.
You will be able to see both the
production date code and water level of the PET bottle very prominently just as shown on the right.


Next up, we have the
high-directivity (TH2-PM)
flat light ideal for dimension
measurements and
inspection that require outline
extraction of the workpiece.
This lighting is also suitable to
capture fine scratches on the
transparent workpieces. 

If you’re looking to capture an image of
bigger workpieces, the large 
flat light will be most fitting for you.
They come with an emitting area of
up to 500 x 500 mm; this allows you
to expand the inspection region of
your production line and maintain
light uniformity at the same time.

The rectangular flat light with an
emitting surface size of 300 x 75mm,
works very well on lengthy or
cylindrical objects. Apart from being
applicable on long objects such as
metal shaft and cylindrical container bottles; it can also be used with line
scan camera to inspect stains and
foreign materials in non-woven
fabrics as pictured on the left.

Lastly, the design of camera
window (TH2-CR)
flat lights provides a wide emitting surface area with high
uniformity, from the same axis as the
camera. You will be able to see the
engraved text on a metal workpiece
with a good contrast against its
background in comparison to LFV3
and HPD2 series; you can save the
installation space. Size of camera
window can be customized
according to your camera’s FOV.

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